How Did Victor Cacho Make His Money?


how did victor cacho make his money

During the time that he was in the United States, Victor Cacho lived a life of luxury. As the owner of a family estate and a renowned model, he had access to a wide variety of cars. However, as he grew older, he decided that it was time to retire from the world of show business and move back to his home country of Argentina. After a few years of traveling, he realized that he had a knack for building vehicles. This led him to start his own car-building company. Today, he is a successful businessman and a father of four.


Currently, he is a full time landscape contractor based in Sylmar, California. He has also been in the automobile business for quite some time now. He has a thriving Instagram account, which is the subject of this article. He has over 6.7k followers.

One of his best assets is his driving skills. He has been known to be quite good at the rat-rod game. He is also known to modify cars and make them look good. He has a company called Cacho Customes, which modifies old classic vehicles and sells them to the masses. His vehicles include lowriders, which are usually modified versions of 1950s Mercurys or Mercs. Some of his cars are powered by small Chevy engines. He has also gotten into the hydraulics business.

The smallest gimmick might be the fact that Victor has a reputable Instagram account. He has over 6.7k followers and has made a big splash in the automobile world. He is one of the few people in the car industry who is still on top of his game. He has also managed to garner a bit of respect among his competitors. He has been a long time automobile enthusiast and his family used to own an organization devoted to the car customization industry. In the long run, it has paid off. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

He has not been very open about his personal life. Although he has said that he has a wife, he has not disclosed her name or ethnicity. He has also not provided his height or weight. His favorite car is a 1970 GM Corvette. His other car is a 1950 Mercury which he has also modified. He has been in the car business for a long time and has managed to amass a substantial amount of cash. He has been known to be a good judge of merit. Nonetheless, he has not been the subject of a collaborative biography.

Instagram account

Despite his involvement in the automotive industry, it seems that Victor Cacho has a passion for the lowrider. His Instagram account @cachocustoms boasts of a number of vehicles, most of which are built in the hot-rod style. There are even a few that are powered by Chevy small-block engines.

If you’re a fan of custom cars, you will be impressed by the fact that this one-man organization has a large Instagram following. There are over 6.7k followers on the account. The most popular car on the account is a 1950 Mercury, built in rat rod fashion. The company also sells modified cars to the public. The company’s website features a video that shows off their signature fabrication.

The most impressive of all is the fact that Victor is an avid photographer, capturing many of his creations in their natural state. He has a knack for a good shot, and his skills on the field have been noticed by rival coaches. He is a college-type athlete, and has been playing organized soccer since he was eight years old. He was named the small school All-Empire Player of the Year. In 16 games, he scored 21 goals, and took 66 shots. He is looking forward to the season ahead.

There are some other notable feats that have been attributed to the Filipino billionaire. For example, he owns a hefty amount of cash. He does not disclose his nationality or family, and is believed to be married. His total assets amount to approximately $3 million. His most notable accomplishments include winning the aforementioned NCL I title last season, and being named to the Small Schools All-Empire Player of the Year list. He is also a full-time landscape contractor. His Instagram page is also home to several photographs of his work.

It’s no surprise that this one-man organization has a well-thought-out marketing plan. In addition to his Instagram account, he has a Twitter account, as well as a company website.

Mercs are built hot-rod or rat-rod style

Having a passion for customs, Victor Cacho has a collection of wild, custom-built Mercs. Some are built rat-rod style, while others are powered by small-block Chevy engines. However, a common theme of most of the Mercs is hydraulics. Typically, they roll low.

He started his first build in 2002, when he purchased an old Mercury and chopped it. He contacted Troy at Hollywood HotRods, and they provided him with a custom front end and disc brakes. He also shaved the door handles and put a PPG Sunburst Orange paint job on the car. After the car was complete, he resprayed the interior, covering it with tan leather.

He has been building cars for several years, and has a reputation as a creative force. His builds include fabricating a complete super car body, blowing a bubble top on a Thunderbird, and even ripping the skin off a Porsche 911. He is currently a client of Full Custom Garage.

He has a massive following on Instagram, with over six thousand followers. He is known for building customs in the rat-rod style, and he has many followers in his group, Victor Cacho’s Customs. His latest Instagram post is a shot of his 1950 Mercury. This is one of his projects, and it looks pretty cool. He’s always liked the ’50s rodding style. Those of you who don’t know much about rat-rodding might be surprised to find out that it’s a type of customization.

If you’re a car lover, you’ll definitely want to check out his Instagram account. There are plenty of great pictures of his builds. You’ll see his 1950 Mercury, as well as other cars he’s worked on. It’s easy to see why he’s so popular. Whether you’re into hot-rods, rat-rods, or just love to see crazy customs, you’ll find something you like. If you’re looking to take your next project to the next level, be sure to contact Victor. He’s happy to work with you. He’s a good guy, and has a big passion for cars.


Several years ago, the Cacho family had their own organization of car customization industries. For many years, Victor has been in the automobile industry. He has built and modified several GM cars and even a 1950 Mercury. He has also been able to build lowriders with hydraulics.

Currently, the Cacho Vega family is going through a foreclosure crisis. Their home was sold by Absolute Investment Group, a San Jose-based mortgage company, for $675,000. They have been battling with Greenberg Traurig, LLP, a law firm that represents 12 Latino clients in San Jose, California. They are hoping that the San Francisco federal judge will rule in their favor.

The family has filed a lawsuit against Tran and her company, Absolute Investment Group. Attorney Robert F. Kane and Community Legal Services are also suing Tran. The suit seeks a permanent injunction against Tran. The case was recently stayed in court due to an investigation by the FBI.

The Cacho Vega family is attempting to get out of debt, and they have asked for a $20,000 loan. The loan was given to them by a San Jose mortgage broker. However, the mortgage company requested a co-signer. Consequently, Tran obtained a second mortgage from a private lender for $75,000. This mortgage was then paid off by the mortgage broker. The bank then issued a new loan to the family for $506,250.

The Cacho Vega family claims that Tran took their name off the title. She then sought a new loan from the bank for $506,250. The mortgage broker, Linda Tran, has now filed bankruptcy. The family has been battling with their mortgage company, but they are hopeful that the San Francisco federal judge will rule in favor of the Cacho Vega family. The Cacho Vega family has been working hard for their $495,000 three-bedroom home.

The family has a total of about $3 million in assets. In addition, they have a popular Instagram account called @cachocustoms with more than 6.7k followers. Moreover, they have a company called Cacho Customes that sells old-style vehicles to the public.

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