How to make more money as an esthetician

Being an esthetician is a great job. You’re helping people take care of their skin, but you also get to talk about your favorite beauty products and watch them enjoy relaxing treatments. However, being an esthetician isn’t just about being a pro at doing facials and waxing—it’s also about running a business. In order to make more money as an esthetician (or even just get by), you’ll need to know how to increase profits while keeping customers happy. We’ve compiled some tips here on how you can do both!

Know the basics of running a business.

  • Understand business basics. You can’t get anywhere without understanding the basics of running your own business. This means knowing how to do taxes, bookkeeping, marketing, customer service and hiring and firing employees.
  • Take advantage of your community college or local college’s continuing education programs for estheticians. A lot of schools offer classes that are specifically designed to help you learn how to run a successful esthetician business. These classes will teach you everything from accounting to marketing strategies that can help you earn more money as an esthetician!

Focus on making your clients happy so they return often.

Your number one goal as an esthetician is to make your clients happy. Your business depends on it. To do this, you have to focus on the needs of your clients and ask questions to ensure that they are being met. If a client comes in with acne or dry skin, you have to ask them what their symptoms are and how they feel about those symptoms. You can then recommend products or treatments based on their answers. It’s also important that whatever treatment you provide actually works for them! If a person isn’t satisfied with something they received from you, they won’t return again—and neither will anyone else who hears about their experience through word-of-mouth marketing (both good and bad).

Learn to maximize the time you spend with clients.

Learn to maximize the time you spend with clients.

You can do this by making sure you do not rush your clients, asking them how they are feeling and getting to know them. Ask about their family, their job and their hobbies so that you have something to talk about while you are treating them. This will lessen any awkwardness that may arise from silence between treatments. You could also ask about what they want to achieve with their treatment. This will help prepare you for what products or service options would be best for the client’s particular needs as well as give them more insight into how much time the service should take in order for it be effective enough for their goals

Learn how to handle difficult customers.

The art of esthetics is not only about providing good customer service, it’s also about learning how to handle difficult customers.

Here are some tips on how to be assertive and stand up for yourself:

  • Learn how to read body language. If someone is leaning in too close, talking too loudly or making rude comments, chances are they’re trying to intimidate you. You don’t need to take that sitting down! Do what feels comfortable for you—maybe it’s asking them if they’d like their treatment done by a different esthetician, or perhaps taking a few minutes before resuming the treatment yourself so that you can gather your thoughts.
  • Practice saying “No thank you.” Make sure that when someone does try intimidating or bothering you by speaking out of turn that no matter what happens, do not lose your cool! If this person is being rude and doesn’t seem interested in hearing your side of things then simply say “No thank you” and walk away calmly while keeping eye contact so they know they’ve gotten through (and hopefully want nothing more than never coming back).

Make money when you’re not working.

If you’re going to be an esthetician, then you should probably come to terms with the fact that your job won’t always be easy. Your clientele is fickle, your paychecks don’t always reflect the amount of work you put in, and sometimes you get treated like a glorified cleaning lady (yes—I’ve heard this a million times). But if there’s one thing that can help temper these challenges, it’s having another source of income.

Here are some ideas:

  • Start a side business doing facials in your spare time at home or at parties. You can make extra money this way!
  • Have a blog about skincare or makeup tips for girls who want better skin but don’t have much money to spend on beauty products right now. Start small by writing posts on Facebook first before moving onto something bigger like Medium or WordPress (or whatever platform works best).
  • Make YouTube videos so people can learn how to do their own facials without having someone else do them for them all day long every week when they’d rather be watching TV instead; this way everyone wins!

There are many ways to increase your earning potential as an esthetician

The first step to making more money as an esthetician is to learn how to market yourself. You should also work on your communication skills, because good customer service can be a crucial factor in attracting new clients.

One way of maximizing your earnings is by learning how to handle difficult customers: those who are low-maintenance, high-maintenance and everything in between. The secret is knowing how much effort and time you should put into each client so that you don’t waste either one on someone who doesn’t want what you’re offering them.


In summary, there are many ways to increase your earning potential as an esthetician. You can focus on making your clients happy so they return often or learn how to handle difficult customers. You can also learn how to maximize the time you spend with clients, as well as make money when you’re not working by offering discounts and coupons for future appointments.

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